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Beyoncé – Pyramid Sign Super Bowl 2013

Beyoncé performed at the 2013 Super Bowl haltime show and flashed the pyramid sign. The Roc Sign or Roc-A-Fella sign represents her husband Jay Z’s record label. See Jay Z and the Roc Sign.

Beyoncé and Lady Gaga Telephone Triple Six

Pop celebrities Lady Gaga and Beyoncé (aka Sasha Fierce) joined forces in 2009 to perform the video Telephone. In it, Beyoncé makes the triple Six Illuminati hand sign while Lady Gaga flashes the All-Seeing Eye.

Beyoncé Baphomet

Beyoncé as her alter ego Sasha Fierce holding motorbike fairings with a ram painted on it as well as mounted on top of it. The ram is often interpreted as a symbol of Baphomet.
Researchers Professor Griff and C.Craige Lewis believe that the transformation from Beyoncé to Sasha Fierce is actually a demonic possession.

Beyoncé Triple Six

Singer Beyoncé doing the Satanic Triple 6 sign with both hands. The Triple 6 sign is said to represent the numbers 666, the number of the Beast.

Beyoncé Monarch Butterfly

Many say Beyoncé is also a Monarch Mind Control slave. Here she is posing with a Monarch butterfly over an eye. A reference to both Monarch Mind Control and the All-Seeing Eye.