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Rihanna – Hidden Eye

Rihanna is one of the most frequently mentioned celebrity on this site. She can be seen above making the infamous hidden eye gesture on the cover of her 2009 album Rated R.

Ben Stiller – Roc Sign

American actor Ben Stiller seen above making the pyramid sign, or Roc Sign. Stiller was one of many celebrities attending the opening of Jay Z’s 40/40 club in New York in early 2012.

Liv Tyler – All Seeing Eye

American Actress Liv Taylor seen above making the Eye of Horus sign with her fingers accentuating the all-seeing eye. She is known for her role as Arwen Undómiel in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. She is the daughter of Steven Tyler, Rock band Aerosmith’s lead singer,

Johnny Depp – Hidden Eye

American actor Johnny Depp, one of the world’s biggest movie star seen above making the infamous hidden eye sign while wearing a skull ring. Depp achieved fame at young age with his role on 21 Jump Street which made him a teen idol. He went on to perform in a variety of roles including Platoon,…

Tom Cruise – Pyramid Sign

Hollywood actor and high-profile Scientologist Tom Cruise making the Roc Sign. Cruise was one of many celebrities attending the opening of Jay Z’s 40/40 club in New York in early 2012.

Kanye West and Tom Cruise

Beyoncé – Pyramid Sign Super Bowl 2013

Beyoncé performed at the 2013 Super Bowl haltime show and flashed the pyramid sign. The Roc Sign or Roc-A-Fella sign represents her husband Jay Z’s record label. See Jay Z and the Roc Sign.

Victor Cruz – Pyramid Sign

NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz currently playing for the Chicago Bears is represented by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Here is making the Roc Sign as a tribute to his handler.

Ke$ha Hidden Eye

Pop star Ke$ha doing the Hidden Eye sign. Ke$ha’s video Die Young is filled with Illuminati symbolism.

William Shatner Triple Six

William Shatner of the original Star Trek television series flashing a casual Triple Six hand sign. It can be difficult to determine the intent of those making the sign because it can also represent the much more benign sign for ‘okay’, or ‘all is well’

Donald Trump Inverted Pyramid

The Pyramid is one of the most important Illuminati symbols. The large base represent us, the little people at the bottom, while the capstone represent the 0.001% ruling from atop the capstone. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is seen here, yet again, making a popular Illuminati sign.

Queen Elizabeth Nazi Salute

In the Summer of 2015, Rupert Murdoch’s London tabloid The Sun publicized a home video and snapshots of a young 7-year old Elizabeth making the Nazi Salute.

Donald Trump Triple Six

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump flashing the Triple Six hand sign. A favorite of Illuminati insider, the Triple Six is made with three fingers folded to represent the number 666.