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Katy Perry – Dark Horse of the Apocalypse at Grammy Awards

American singer Katy Perry seen here facing the Forth Horsemen of the Apocalypse while performing Dark Horse at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Award ceremonies such as the Grammy Awards and the Oscars are always full of Illuminati symbolism. Katy Perry – Dark horse – Live at 2014 Grammy Awards https://youtu.be/wtP1RG1B92I

Lady Gaga – Alejandro – Hidden Eyes and Inverted Red Crosses

American singer Lady Gaga seen here making the Hidden Eye hand gesture while wearing a surely non-regulatory latex nun uniform featuring a huge inverted red cross in her 2010 video, Alejandro. The song was previously released on her The Fame Monster album.

Eminem – Mosh – All-Seeing Eye in Pyramid

American rapper Eminem released Mosh just before the 2004 election to protest George W Bush. Eminem released the song and video for free to dissuade from re-electing Bush who had used the 9/11 tragedy as a pretext for the Invasion of Iraq. Eminem – Mosh https://youtu.be/hsMraWleiCQ

Eminem – White America – All-Seeing Eye in Pyramid

All-Seeing eye and pyramid adorning the inside of an elevator in American rapper Eminem’s 2002 video, White America. Eminem wrote the song in response to politicians and the media who constantly point the blame him for youth violence. Eminem – White America

Lady Gaga – Monster Ball Tour – All-Seeing Eye & Triple Six

Lady Gaga seen here flashing a Triple Six in front of an all-seeing eye while performing Alejandro during her The Monster Ball Tour in 2009. All the dancers had a vest with an all-seeing eye on a triangle. Image source: Youtube Alejandro Live at The Monster Ball Tour – Montreal, 2009

Kanye West – Otis – Roc Sign

Amrican rapper Kanye West seen here doing the Roc Sign in the 2011 Otis music video. West colloborated on the song with hip hop legend Jay Z. Jay Z began using the “Roc Sign” hand symbol to represent his Roc-A-Fella music label. The “Roc”, as in a diamond, which was also a double entendre for…

Rihanna – Run This Town – Roc Sign

Caribbean-born singer Rihanna seen here making the Roc Sign in the 2009 Run This Town which also featured Jay-Z and Kanye West. The official video isn’t on YouTube but you you watch it on MTV here. Jay Z began using the “Roc Sign” hand symbol to represent his Roc-A-Fella music label. The “Roc”, as in…

Rihanna – Hidden Eye

Rihanna is one of the most frequently mentioned celebrity on this site. She can be seen above making the infamous hidden eye gesture on the cover of her 2009 album Rated R.

Kesha Die Young – V Sign

Another screenshot from Ke$ha’s Die Young video of her doing the V Sign around her right eye. The foreground and background also form a V. Author Texe Marrs writes in Codex Magica that the satanic “V” sign (✌) is indeed a sign of victory… A “victory for the devil”. (p.527)

Ozzy Osbourne V Sign

Ozzy Osbourne, formerly of Heavy Metal band Black Sabbath, frequently made the double peace sign, or the V-Sign during his performances. His bandmate, Ronnie James Dio began making now-famous (infamous) Sign of the Horns as a response.

Ronnie James Dio of Black Sabbath – Signs of the Horns

In an interview for the 2005 documentary Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, Dio explained that he had gotten the hand gesture, the Maloik, from his Italian grandmother which she used to ward of the evil eye (malocchio). It’s not unusual for a symbol’s meaning to change. What was once a symbol of good luck can become…

Coven – Sign of the Horns

Psychedelic rock band Coven 1969 debut album Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls cover had a picture of two of the band’s members doing the Devil’s Horns hand gesture, more popularly knows as the Sign of the Horns in the Rock world. Coven is recognized as introducing the Signs of the Horns to rock culture.…

3OH!3 – Pyramid Sign

Electronic Rock duo 3OH!3 used a sign similar to the pyramid sign or roc sign as their logo. It was a perfect fit as the fingers from one hand represented the 3. The thumbs and index’s fingers touch to for a circle representing the “O”, while the other fingers represented the other 3: Three Oh…

Beyoncé – Pyramid Sign Super Bowl 2013

Beyoncé performed at the 2013 Super Bowl haltime show and flashed the pyramid sign. The Roc Sign or Roc-A-Fella sign represents her husband Jay Z’s record label. See Jay Z and the Roc Sign.

Ke$ha Hidden Eye

Pop star Ke$ha doing the Hidden Eye sign. Ke$ha’s video Die Young is filled with Illuminati symbolism.