The goal of is to gather as much information as possible on the various Illuminati symbols.  There is by no means any consensus on what the Illuminati is, nor on what its symbols actually are.  For this reason, I will simply provide the reader with all symbols that have been referenced as being Illuminati symbols and will let the reader decide whether the claims are legit or not.

The Illuminati is different things to different people. In a modern sense, the Illuminati is an all-encompassing label for the secret rulers of the world. In some versions, members of the Illuminati act together behind the scenes to achieve their secret goals. In others, they are fighting amongst each other for control of the planet and its citizens. From boring plutocrats to 12-foot albino reptilians, the Illuminati comes in many flavors.

It is also very difficult to judge whether a particular symbol should or shouldn’t be in the database. For now, if I’m not sure, I’ll put it in. I mean, sometimes a triangle is just a triangle… intersecting lines are simply intersecting lines… If you feel I have made a grave omission, please feel free to contact me.

Symbols are very important. If you don’t think so, put a swastika on your arm, walk into a synagogue, and see the kind of response you get. Symbols elicit and bring out emotional responses in people. Even more importantly, symbols have their own spiritual presence. They tell you things.
~Jordan Maxwell, Ancient Symbols and Hidden Meanings Lecture

The Illuminati use what I call reverse symbolism. They place their symbols all around us but present them with the reverse of their true meaning. For example, the dove symbolizes peace to most people, but to the Illuminati bloodlines it represents their goddess, Queen Semiramis [Isis]. The lighted torch means freedom and liberty to the population, but to the Illuminati it is the very symbol of their agenda and control. The Nazis reversed the ancient symbol of the swastika to symbolize the negative and Satanists have reversed the pentagram to point downwards for the same reason. Everything is symbolism and ritual to the Illuminati, and always has been.
~David Icke, Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center