Eminem – Mosh – All-Seeing Eye in Pyramid

American rapper Eminem released Mosh just before the 2004 election to protest George W Bush. Eminem released the song and video for free to dissuade from re-electing Bush who had used the 9/11 tragedy as a pretext for the Invasion of Iraq. Eminem – Mosh https://youtu.be/hsMraWleiCQ

Eminem – White America – All-Seeing Eye in Pyramid

All-Seeing eye and pyramid adorning the inside of an elevator in American rapper Eminem’s 2002 video, White America. Eminem wrote the song in response to politicians and the media who constantly point the blame him for youth violence. Eminem – White America

Eminem Devil’s Horns

Eminem doing the Devil’s Horns hand sign on artwork associated with his The Marshall Mathers LP 2. (I haven’t seen any album which included the artwork)
The Devil’s Horns or El Diablo is said to be a hand gesture saluting Satan. According to some Illuminati researchers, (Rapper Professor Griff and pastor C.Craige Lewis) in order to achieve success, musicians must first make a sacrifice and pledge their souls to Satan.

Eminem Recovery Hidden Eye

Centerfold for Eminem’s 7th studio album, Recovery features Eminem (EMINEM = M&M = MM = Master Mason) making the hidden eye hand gesture. Image source: Eminem’s Recovery, Aftermath Records