Katy Perry – Dark Horse of the Apocalypse at Grammy Awards

American singer Katy Perry seen here facing the Forth Horsemen of the Apocalypse while performing Dark Horse at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Award ceremonies such as the Grammy Awards and the Oscars are always full of Illuminati symbolism. Katy Perry – Dark horse – Live at 2014 Grammy Awards https://youtu.be/wtP1RG1B92I

Oldsmobile Broken Cross

Oldsmobile is a General Motors car brand. The logo features a broken cross. In Elder Futhark, the oldest runic alphabet the Algiz (ᛉ) stood for a sound similar to a Z.

Nabisco Oreo Double Cross

National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), the food processing company was founded in New Jersey in 1898 and began marketing cookies and crackers. Oreo cookies hit the US market in 1912 and have been a bestseller ever since.

Exxon Double Cross

According to some researchers, the double Xs found on the Exxon logo is a reference to the double cross, or the Cross of Lorraine as used in freemasonry, and worn by the Knight Templars during the crusade by permission of the King of Jerusalem.