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Kesha Die Young – V Sign

Another screenshot from Ke$ha’s Die Young video of her doing the V Sign around her right eye. The foreground and background also form a V. Author Texe Marrs writes in Codex Magica that the satanic “V” sign (✌) is indeed a sign of victory… A “victory for the devil”. (p.527)

Ozzy Osbourne V Sign

Ozzy Osbourne, formerly of Heavy Metal band Black Sabbath, frequently made the double peace sign, or the V-Sign during his performances. His bandmate, Ronnie James Dio began making now-famous (infamous) Sign of the Horns as a response.

Mickey Mouse V Sign

Mickey mouse is Disney’s official mascot. Mickey made his first appearance in the 1928 animated short Steamboat Willie. Mickey also starred in Fantasia, a film supposedly used in Monarch Mind Control by ex-Illuminati whistleblowers.

Michael Jackson V Sign

Michael Jackson making the V Sign, also known as the Sign of Pan the Horned God. It is also the hand gesture for peace.

Nicki Minaj V Sign

Nicki Minaj doing a double V Sign. The sign is also known as the Sign of the Pan, the Horned God. See Minaj’s performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards: https://youtu.be/-KUkuSf1-fI

Michael Moore V Sign

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore doing the Sign of the Horned God at the Oscars.

John Lennon Peace Sign

John Lennon of the Beatles doing the V for Victory hand sign aka the Satanic Sign of Pan, the Horned God. Keep in mind that it is also used as the peace sign (☮=✌) and Lennon was all about peace.

Hillary Clinton V for Victory

Hillary Clinton, US Presidential hopeful giving the V for Victory hand sign. OR is she publicly displaying her allegiance to Pan, the Horned Satanic God?

Ahmadinejad V for Victory

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was Iranian President from 2005 to 2015. Iran was referred as a member of Bush’s Axis of Evil.

Rihanna V Sign

Pop princess Rihanna often flashes Illuminati signs. Here she is doing the V sign (✌) during her 2011 Loud Tour.

Rihanna and Chris Brown


Winston Churchill V Sign

According to Texe Marrs in his Codex Magica, Winston Churchill was not only a high-ranking Freemason, he was also a witch druid. As such, Churchill frequently made the satanic “V” sign (✌) whose “frequent use spurred the use of the device by an uninformed populace as a sign of victory.” A “victory for the devil”.
From left to right: Himmler, Lenin, Churchill