Lady Gaga – Alejandro – Hidden Eyes and Inverted Red Crosses

American singer Lady Gaga seen here making the Hidden Eye hand gesture while wearing a surely non-regulatory latex nun uniform featuring a huge inverted red cross in her 2010 video, Alejandro. The song was previously released on her The Fame Monster album.

Rihanna – Hidden Eye

Rihanna is one of the most frequently mentioned celebrity on this site. She can be seen above making the infamous hidden eye gesture on the cover of her 2009 album Rated R.

Johnny Depp – Hidden Eye

American actor Johnny Depp, one of the world’s biggest movie star seen above making the infamous hidden eye sign while wearing a skull ring. Depp achieved fame at young age with his role on 21 Jump Street which made him a teen idol. He went on to perform in a variety of roles including Platoon,…

Ke$ha Hidden Eye

Pop star Ke$ha doing the Hidden Eye sign. Ke$ha’s video Die Young is filled with Illuminati symbolism.

Aldous Huxley Hidden Eye

Aldous Huxley was an English author best known for writing Brave New World set in a futuristic society completely dependent on pharmaceuticals for happiness. The novel would later prove prophetic with modern society completely dependent on amphetamines and antidepressants.

Nicki Minaj Hidden Eye

Hip Hop and pop singer Nicki Minaj making the Hidden Eye sign. The unconcealed eye is said to represent Lucifer.

Miley Cyrus Hidden Eye

Miley Cyrus was a former Disney Mouseketeers and starred in Hannah Montana, a popular American teen sitcom on the Disney Channel. Disney is said to have close ties to the 13 Illuminati families and author such as Fritz Springmeier specifically mentions Disney’s theme parks as sites for Illuminati Mind Control programming.
Some researchers believe that former Mousketeers such as Cyrus, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez, and Justin Timberlake are Monarch mind-control slaves.

Eminem Devil’s Horns

Eminem doing the Devil’s Horns hand sign on artwork associated with his The Marshall Mathers LP 2. (I haven’t seen any album which included the artwork)
The Devil’s Horns or El Diablo is said to be a hand gesture saluting Satan. According to some Illuminati researchers, (Rapper Professor Griff and pastor C.Craige Lewis) in order to achieve success, musicians must first make a sacrifice and pledge their souls to Satan.

Lady Gaga Hidden Eye

Lady Gaga does the Hidden Eye sign repeatedly in her music video, Just Dance. The Hidden Eye, or more importantly, the one exposed eye, represent the All-Seeing eye of the Illuminati.

Eminem Recovery Hidden Eye

Centerfold for Eminem’s 7th studio album, Recovery features Eminem (EMINEM = M&M = MM = Master Mason) making the hidden eye hand gesture. Image source: Eminem’s Recovery, Aftermath Records