Ted Cruz Hidden Hand of the Men of Jahbulon

While fellow Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump (left) and Jeb Bush (right) during the national anthem, Ted Cruz chooses to make the hidden hand sign. Known to insiders as the Hidden Hand of the Men of Jahbulon, the hidden hand signifies hidden or concealed allegiance to a secret god, Jahbulon aka Lucifer.

Joseph Stalin Hidden Hand

Joseph Stalin was dictator of the Soviet Union until his death in 1953. He is seen here making the hidden hand hand gesture which author Texe Marrs calls the Hidden Hand of Jahbulon. He further explains that the hand sign represents allegiance to the Masonic God of Light, Lucifer.

George Washington Hidden Hand

George Washington was the first President of the United States. George Washington became a Freemason at the age of 20, took his Oath of Office on a Masonic Bible, and was buried with Masonic honors. Illuminati symbol researcher Texe Marrs calls the Hidden Hand of Jahbulon. It represents allegiance to the Masonic God of Light,…

Masonic Hidden Hand Sign

The hidden hand sign is used in York Rite Masonry’s 7th degree, the Royal Arch Degree. The Grand Master of the Second Veil, or Junior Overseer is one of nine officials necessary to form a Royal Arch Chapter. During the Royal Arch initiation ceremony, he is responsible for teaching new initiatives the meaning of the…

Napoléon Hidden Hand

Napoléon Bonaparte (1769 – 1821) was a French military general and leader who rose to the rank of Emperor following the chaos of the French Revolution. He rule as French Emperor from 1804 to 1814, and again briefly in 1815. Here he is doing the hidden hand sign. Napoléon is the political figure most commonly…

Karl Marx Hidden Hand

Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) is best known for his books Das Capital and an action guide for the newly formed Communist League, the Communist Manifesto. His ideas on class struggles with the rich capitalist upper class (bourgeoisie) and the poor industrial working class (proletariat) are still very much relevant today, with the recent Occupy Wall Street movement bringing the existence of the 1 percenters once again to light.

Bavarian Illuminati Baron von Knigge Hidden Hand

Adolph Freiherr Knigge (1752 – 1796) was a leading German Freemason and a member of the Bavarian Illuminati’s inner circle. He eventually had a falling out with Adam Weishaupt and left the Order. Knigge used the codename Philo.

Friedrich Nietzsche Hidden Hand

Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher who lived from 1844 to 1900. Most famous for stating that “God is dead.” Here he is at a young age (1861) making the hidden hand sign.