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Bohemian Grove Owl

The Bohemian Grove is a campground in California. Every Summer, the Grove hosts influential elites for 2 weeks where they engage in ritual known as the Cremation of Care in which they make mock sacrifices to a giant wooden owl.

Mazda Logo Owl

Mazda is a Japanese automaker founded in the 1920s. It’s logo has gone through a few incarnations since the company’s founding until 1997 when it adopted its current logo, The ‘M’ is formed with stretched out wings overlayed on a circle. The logo also looks like an owl, a major symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati:…

Harry Potter with Owl

Harry Potter seen here with an owl. In the Harry Potter universe, owls are used to carry messages from one place to another.

Bohemian Grove Devil’s Horns

A Grover making the El Diablo, or the Devil’s Horns signs in front of the Bohemian’ Grove mascot, the Owl.
Bohemian Grovers meet every summer in the giant Redwood forests near San Francisco, California. They conduct a Cremation of Care ceremony which allegorically washes them of worries and stress accumulated over the year.

Illuminati Minerval Owl

The owl had a prominent place in the lower degrees of the Bavarian Illuminati. The owl represented the Roman goddess Minerva (Athena to the Greeks).

Bohemian Grove Moloch

Every summer, influential members of the Illuminati gather at the Grove to worship Moloch in the form of a great owl.