Council on Foreign Relations Logo

“The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an Illuminist organization headquartered in New York City, has as its official logo a conquering, wild, naked, man riding a rampant white horse, while giving the Sign of Admiration and Astonishment.
The fingers of the hand are pointed toward the CFR’s hidden Master in the Stars, the Prince of Power of the Air (Lucifer). Notice, too, the black, circular background and the cryptic Latin inscription, ubique, which means “everywhere.”

Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Eternal Flame

JD Rockefeller’s Standard Oil features and eternal flame. For some researchers, fire is a symbol of Lucifer, the bringer of light.
In masonry, the first three degrees are called the Blue Lodge while Royal Arch Masonry is called the Red Lodge.

Trilateral 666

David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission has alway been at the epicenter of 20th century conspiracy theories. Some Illuminati symbologists have speculated that the logo might have been designed to incorporated the infamous Number of the Beast – 666.


A statue of the titan Prometheus is a famous landmark at the very center of the Rockefeller family’s huge commercial complex encompassing 19 buildings and covering more than 22 acres of Midtown Manhattan land. Prometheus was a trickster god who gave fire (knowledge) to humans which he had himself fashioned out of clay.