The Statue of Liberty was s gift from French Freemasons to the United States.

Is the Statue of Liberty an ILLUMINATI SYMBOL?



The French originally intended to give the statue to Egypt, but then gave it to the United States. The Statue of Liberty was the largest iron structure at its time. It was also the tallest structure in New York.

All 3 builders of the Statue of Liberty were Freemasons: Designer Frederic Bartholdi; Architect, Gustave Eiffel, Pedestal Builder, Richard Hunt.

Dr. Stan Monteith claims that the Statue of Liberty is the pagan goddesses Semiramis, the whore of Babylon. She represents the destruction of the old world order and the creation of the new world order. Semiramis was a homewrecker and a harlot.

Back in Babylon, where the Illuminati had their ancient headquarters, she was called Queen Semiramis (the “branch bearer”). As I show in my books and talks, the Statue of Liberty with her lighted torch is a mirror of how Queen Semiramis was portrayed in Babylon. The goddess of the French Republic is the same image for the same reason and you will find a mirror of the Statue of Liberty on an island in the river Seine in Paris. It was Freemasons from Paris, who knew what the symbolism really meant, who gave the Statue of Liberty to New York.

~David Icke, Propaganda Matrix