The 1940 animated movie Fantasia opens to a step pyramid on which the conductor Leopold Stokowski eventually takes his place as a sun appears in the background.

The pyramid, especially with an all-seeing eye has become de facto symbol of the Illuminati. The rising sun, represents Lucifer, the morning star.

Researcher, author and deprogrammer Fritz Springmeier goes into detail on how Fantasia is used has a programming tool by the Illuminati in Deeper Insight Into the Illuminati Formula.

According to Fritz, no other than Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele travelled throughout the United States and Canada using Fantasia, LSD, electroshocks, and a other tools to induce deep traumas in young 3-4 year old child in order to create mind-controlled slaves.

Most of this information was obtained by Fritz from deprogramming ex-Illuminati slaves. He goes into excruciating detail on all the tools and techniques used by the Illuminati in How the Illuminati Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave volume 2.




For a more in-depth analysis on how Illuminati Monarch programmers use elements of Fantasia to program trauma based mind control victims, check out Illuminati Movies’deconstruction of Fantasia here.