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Michael Jackson This is It Baphomet

This Is It is a 2009 documentary film following pop singer Michael Jackson preparing and rehearsing for an upcoming concert series in the weeks prior to his death. The film’s cover possibly alludes to Baphomet. This one of those where I have to remind readers and voters of the pareidolia phenomenon.

Lady Gaga As Above So Below

Lady Gaga as a mannequin making (sort of) the hand sign for “So above, so below”, or Sign of Hermetism in occult tradition.

Starbucks Logo

The coffee chain logo features a siren from Greek mythology. However, it turns out, sirens did a lot more than use their signing voice to lure sailors to their deaths. She is holding up her two fish-tails in order to not-so-subtly expose her crotch. THAT is what Starbucks chose to add to its corporate logo…

Beyoncé Baphomet

Beyoncé as her alter ego Sasha Fierce holding motorbike fairings with a ram painted on it as well as mounted on top of it. The ram is often interpreted as a symbol of Baphomet.
Researchers Professor Griff and C.Craige Lewis believe that the transformation from Beyoncé to Sasha Fierce is actually a demonic possession.

The Matrix Morpheus Baphomet

In the Matrix, Morpheus, named after the a Roman god of dream poses with one arm up, while the other is pointing down. This is the sign of hermetism, “As above, so below” found in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes.

Uncle Sam Baphomet

Uncle Sam recruitment poster has been reported to be a representation of the Illuminati god Baphomet. Death soldiers killed in wars created by families of the Illuminati are offered as blood sacrifice to Lucifer to aid in the coming of the anti-Christ.

George Washington Baphomet

The statue caused so much controversy that it had to be removed from the US Capitol rodenda and placed where it would be less seen. The controversy had nothing to do with Washington allegedly being in the same Satanic position as Baphomet is traditionally depicted in, it was rather attributed to George not wearing any shirt.

Château Mouton Rothschild 666

The French Winery owned by Baroness Philippine de Rothschild appears to have concealed the numbers of the beast hidden on its logo. Château Mouton Rothschild have often been accused of incorporating Satanic elements in its labels. 😕

Baroness Philippine de Rothschild Baphomet

The former owner of the Chateau Mouton Rothschild French winery and daughter of banking Rothschild scion Philippe de Rothschild has a thing for rams. Some of speculated that this represents the Ram of Mendes, or Baphomet. She wears similar neck accruement in most pictures of her currently online.